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October 10, 2010

Sugar Icing on Dream Cupcakes

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We celebrated Nanay Luisa’s birthday yesterday. As a gift, my mom bought her a cupcake tower for the event. We pre-ordered the cupcakes from my officemate – 100 pieces of chocolate cupcakes with sugar icing and flower decors, a cake tower, and a big cupcake which was placed on top of the tower. It was really cute! It’s so cute to the point that you don’t even want to eat them. Anyway, I got inspired. I’ve always wanted to decorate a cupcake. They’re small and manageable and nothing can simply go wrong.

And since I really don’t have much time to bake, here’s what I did:

Iced DREAM Cupcakes


1 whole pack of DREAM cupcakes
Pink Icing
White Icing
Chocolate droplets
Candy Sprinkles

I basically just used the ordinary cupcakes that you can buy at the grocery. For this little dessert adventure, I used DREAM cupcakes. Then I made some white and pink sugar icing which I used to decorate. It was so fun and the color combination of the cupcakes was amazing. Brown, pink and white, definitely go together. Anyway, here are some more pictures:

I had fun doing this 🙂 Maybe, I’ll bake the cupcake next time 🙂

Have a yummy Sunday!

Chef Animay

Hello world!

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It’s October 10, 2010.


It’s also my Nanay Luisa’s birthday today…and a friend’s wedding date 🙂

And today, I’m starting a new food blog.

I’ve always wanted to cook. The whole process fascinates me and I like seeing the reaction of people eating what I prepared for them. But because of my busy schedule, I only get to cook every so often. But not until recently when I would volunteer myself to cook Sunday dinner for my family after we get home from our mission work. So I thought to myself, maybe I can make Sunday nights, a kitchen night, where I get to experiment different but simple dishes that I can share with my family…and to the rest of the world through this food blog.

So…enjoy! And have a yummy Sunday!

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